Econo-Line 1000

The Econo-Line interior frameless glass wall system is our sleekest, most cost-effective system available. With this system, the main focus is on the glass, with minimal steel tracks at the floor and ceiling.

  • The 1000 series steel track system is readily available and affordable which allows us to match or exceed our competitors pricing and lead times even compared to most aluminum systems.
  • Our fully prepped system makes the installation process quick and efficient with minimal interruption.
  • Combine this track framing system with our glass M Series door patch fittings and you have a cost effective complete office front.
  • We offer a variety of door hardware including patch fitting, locking fittings, door rails handles and closers custom designed and fit to your needs.
  • Finishes are customizable with a variety of uses from custom staining agents, natural and modified patinas, to super durable powder coatings, and more.

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