Blue Apron, NJ

Location: Linden, NJ
Architect: Stellar Architectural and Engineering Group, Inc.

Blue Apron’s fulfillment center features a gorgeous office space and two test kitchens. We installed our custom steel partitions along with steel and glass doors at all of the conference/meeting rooms and private phone rooms. Our steel doors were outfitted with brushed stainless steel hardware to accent the blackened patina finish and create a nice contrast.

The narrow profile of our steel and glass wall system allowed the natural light to carry through the space. We added grid kits to the glass partitions and steel doors to give them more depth.
We also installed a steel and glass feature wall, within a large steel frame extending from floor to ceiling.The wall features an asymmetrical grid pattern of ½” glass panels, making it showpiece that catches your eye as soon as you enter the space, while also acting as a divider between the communal area and one of the kitchens.

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