BCI & Hayfin, NYC

Location: 5th Avenue, NYC 

Architect: TPG Architecture, LLC

BCI & Hayfin is an investment and capital management firm. Their office in NYC is located in one of the most notable buildings visible in the Manhattan Skyline. It spans an entire city block, near Central Park. 

The building is owned and managed by Boston Properties, one of the most prestigious and largest developers in the United States. Boston Properties has an impressive real estate profile, with close to 200 properties across 6 of the greatest cities in the U.S. 

We installed our Slim-Line steel framing, along with the 200 Series Doors, at conference rooms and private offices, giving the BCI & Hayfin’s space the sleek, sophisticated look it deserves. Having the opportunity to bring Metal Boutique to such an important workspace was very exciting!